You Can Help Keep Children in Haiti Safe and Free.

The video above tells the story of Daphney, Robert, and Jessica. Like many rural children, they were unable to attend school. The public school was too far away, and the other private schools charged tuition, which their parents couldn’t afford. Their families decided to send them to live with other families in the city, hoping each child would be sent to school in exchange for a little work around the house. Instead Daphney, Robert, and Jessica were each forced to work all the time, humiliated and abused and never sent to school. Roughly a quarter million Haitian children like these are trapped in this form of modern-day slavery.

What Your Support Does.

When you support Schools Not Slavery, your gift:

  • Enrolls kids in a school near where they live and helps improve the quality of those schools;
  • Protects and frees children from slavery, exploitation and abuse;
  • Ensures moms and dads can find dignified work; and,
  • Prevents violence against women and girls community-wide. 

Where We Work.

In 35 rural communities across the island of Lagonav, we're working with teachers, parents and grassroots leaders to build a movement to protect every child from slavery and abuse and ensure every child goes to a high-quality school where they are loved, protected and educated.

Second graders at Nazarene School in the village of Gran Sous on Lagonav.


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